Certified Personnel Reflect our Commitment to Excellence
We realize the importance of employing personnel with the knowledge to solve critical technical problems. All of our technicians become Microsoft Certified, Cisco Certified, Comp TIA Certified or achieve certification in network, hardware and software solutions. Our staff is selected based on their intelligence, experience, resourcefulness and work ethic. The provide vast experience in a wide variety of hardware and software applications, matching expert solutions to customer needs.

Becoming Brunswick County's leading authority in IT networking in only a few years, Millennium Computers is paving the way for small business networking, providing standardization of industry demands without conjuring up "cookie cutter" solutions. We believe unique environments require unique levels of security, auditing and managed security services schemes. By conducting an initial network analysis, our technicians can learn the status and use the client's needs to determine the level of security services required.

How is Millennium Computers different from other repair facilities?
At Millennium Computers, we provide complete solutions. We repair computer equipment, build and install networks, recover data and provide virus protection security. For the client's convenience, we offer on-site maintenance and repair; or, we have a state-of-the-art repair facility at each of our locations. We are known for our customer service and respond as quickly as possible to all service calls.

What computer equipment do you service?
We repair/service all types of computer office equipment including standard PC's, laptops, scanners, printers, and point-of-purchase terminals.

What kind of businesses do you service?
Millennium Computers services small-business firms to large corporations.

Should our office be networked?
A network allows numerous computers in different locations to talk to each other and share software from a central server. Most offices should be networked if they have a need to share data files or email. Networking computers can be linked without having a dedicated server and with as few

as two computers.

My computer's hard drive crashed last week and I really need to access my files. Can you retrieve the data?
We can often retrieve data from dead drives. If a recent backup has been done, we will analyze the data and assess the situation before proceeding with full data recovery.


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